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VR Urban Commando Shooting Pro

Developer: Babloo Games
2.99 usd

As a highly ranked commando you are on the mission to infiltrate enemy’s zone. Urban commando shooting is a first-person shooting game. Commando you have skills to weaken the strength of enemy by shooting them. You are in the region enemies it’s time to check your commando skills. So hold your nerves and shoot the enemies. Experience the thrill of real Commando Shooting this is more than real. There is no need any more to keep your hand busy while playing the game just take a look on enemy and in the next split of seconds enemy will on ground with their own blood. Stunning military environment will take you to real war zone. You are equipped with advanced weapons assault rifles, machine guns and sniper gun. Use these guns to become an assassin shooter and war hero champion for your own country. Thrilling mission based game with modern combat warzones. How to play: - Insert your device into the VR glasses after selection of level and guns.- Fire is auto you just have to take a look at enemies.s- Movement of commando is auto.Features: - Unique military theme for your phone- Kill enemies to accomplish mission at the end you will be rewarded by gold coins.- Gold coins can be used to buy guns.- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazing killing effects.- Multiple advance shooting guns.- Thrilling missions that will amaze you.- Brutal Action warfare game.- game with User friendly GUI and controls.- real Military Environment looks like real movies related to war.- Good quality sound effects used in the game.- Efficient weapon controls & movement.